ORIGIN-CMS (2021) is based on the concepts of art@CMS that was founded in 2012 inside the CMS Collaboration and has been a programme supporting an interdisciplinary dialogue between the scientific community, creative professionals and educators worldwide. The overall ORIGIN network established in 2017  involves, in addition to CMS, other high-level international science collaborations such as ATLAS, ALICE LHCb at CERN, as well as LIGO and VIRGO, or ICEcube and Institutions like the Perimeter Institute. With ORIGIN as a supporting and organizing science network, topics ranging from particle physics to astrophysics and gravitational waves can be authentically communicated by - if possible - local specialists.

The following terms apply to these educational formats: The international term STEM (Science Techology Engeneering Mathematics), and when including art we speak of STEAM (Science Techology Engeneering Arts Mathematics).